Why Dog Eat Cat Poop ?

Why Dog Eat Cat Poop ?

It can be nauseating to find your dog eating cat poop inside or outside the house, however there are some vet(s) that can literally advice to try cat’s stool and go on a probiotic diet. There are equally pros and cons of eating cat’s litter for dog’s health.

This phenomenon is no new but environmental strain can lead to eat cat’s poop. There are few reasons that may lead dogs to such behavior, such as isolation/loneliness, living with elder dogs or anxiety can cause this habit.

Why Dog Eat Cat Poop?

The habit of eating cat’s poop can be disgusting but it is a natural behavior. Dogs have a special affection towards feline feces. Cat’s poop smells like a cat food to your pets, therefore they are fond of having it as a snack. Poop eating as a habit is also known as ‘coprophagia’, resultantly this habit can create a dietary deficiency and can be harmful for dogs.

Many owners have end up discussing with their veterans about their dog eating cat poop in garden which is utterly gross to us, however the constant behavior can damage the digestive system. Your pet is always hunting litter boxes and other garbage for a happy hunt.

How to stop dog eating cat poop in garden?

As dogs are attracted towards cat’s poop due to the rich protein and full diet elements, it is appealing to every dog. Animals like to hunt for their food and going out in the yard can be easy for them and can be their hobby to pass their time. Veterinarians warn the owners to halt their pets from eating cat poop as it can cause irritating parasites. When your dog feed on this constant habit it can lead these parasites to grow in the dog’s body and then leads to massive trouble.

There are some beneficial tips to refrain your pet from eating cat poop i:e:

  • It is important for the owners to have their pets checked on weekly basis to keep them away from this terrible habit.
  • Keep the litter boxes miles away from your pet’s approach.


  • Put a leash everytime your dog wants to go out, most probably use long leash so that your pet can have more freedom, but you can also control gently.


  • Make a fence for your pet that can restrict cat’s entrance and that specific area can only be used for your dog. Restricting areas for different animals will be safe and healthy for your dog.


  • Train your dog and supervise them with closely. Make sure that you are speaking in a commanding tone so that they can listen to their master instantly. For e:g: command if you catch them eating poop as ‘Leave it or Stop it’.


  • Feed your cat with FOR-BID so that your dog may stop eating cat’s feces in future. This is a right solution that can be implemented, however many dogs will still like the taste of it. So, discuss it with your doctor to get more advice.


This can be frustrating as there is no easy solution to the problem. There are a lot of owners who are exhausted with such problem therefore it can be beneficial if they can muzzle their dogs while going out for a walk. However, your pet can also smear the muzzle insanely when they try to get a piece of cat’s poop. Dogs with muzzles must be guarded and supervised more consciously.

Dog Eating Cat Poop Side-Effect:

There is a lot of chances that your dog might get sick or nauseated after eati8ng cat’s poop which is a way alarming situation. Cats carry massive bacteria in their feces that can cause emerging parasites in dogs while having cat’s poop. The most infectious disease that cat’s turd is covered is ‘toxoplasmosis’ which is harmful for your pooch. This bacterium can harm your pup’s digestive tract.

Toxoplasmosis causes continuous vomiting, food poisoning, diarrhea and make your pooch dehydrated and weak. Moreover, refrain your pup eating cat’s leftover as there are multiple micro bacteria and parasites that may cause illness to your pooches. Make weekly stool tests, blood test and spinal fluid test aswell so that you keep a track to your pet’s health. If your dog is pregnant or infant dogs are more prone to the illness and other infections.

Make a wise treatment plan so that your pet can resume the health process well. Use antiparasitic medicines so that your pet can develop with surviving bacteria to fight back from the disease. To make your pooches stable in health wise needs proper daily medications with hygienic food so that they can pass the initial stages of illness.

Some pups have the tendency to spread the infection through their coat and can populate the infection seriously. The toxins and infectious bacteria can also make humans sick. Toxoplasmosis has the tendency to spread even in humans and cause a weakening immune system. Every owner must have health concerns about their pooches so that the harmful parasites are kept away. Even the poor handling of cat’s litter can cause real mess to humans.

It doesn’t mean if your cat is not showing any internal parasite signs, still cats need to be examined for the sake of your pups’ health. Even if you do not have a cat at home or you are living in a cat-free zone, your pooch will still be able to hunt the cat’s poop that can cause massive trouble to the dog’s health. If the intake is in large quantity this is where your young dog must visit the vet.

Puppies with normal packet food are fine but if they have swallowed heavy intake of cat’s feces then you must keep a check as it also affects the pet’s behavior. This habit must go away and must be stopped before it becomes the daily routine. Invest in litter box and create with closed caps so that it is difficult for your pup to get in. The behavior of a dog to stay away from litter box and scooping poop can be challenging for the owners. To catch your cat poop on a same time is an ideal situation which cannot be done, however you can train your dog and build a habit of refraining from having cat poop. There is a huge made up situation which can trigger the infectious bacteria and parasites on your pets. Even if you don’t have a cat, your neighbor’s cat can cause the problem to your dear pooch.

The natural behavior of dog eating cat’s poop can come in every dog. Long leashes and muzzles can be a spare time solution but not the permeant one. This behavior is inherited from wild wolf ancestors. Wolf pups and dogs are born with same instincts, living in a den can produce heap of feces. Wolf pups may not have a supportive immune system, but their parents come with the powerful digestive system when they swallow their pup’s litter.

Is your Dog Eating Healthy Food?

While you keep feeding the same food to your dog, they may get tired or are in search of something different. Dogs are flesh-eater animals so with the useful enzymes that are present in carnivores’ dogs can assist them in digesting the food. Dog’s meal plan has evolved with the changing weather and living times.

Add some raw meat before serving food to your pooch and make this additional value to your dog’s diet plan and see the difference. This is the only way to prevent your dog from eating litter.

Balancing the Pure Balance Dog Food yet filled with enrich sources of nutrients can keep your dog healthy and away from infectious diseases. To change the cat’s food can be unjust with them just to make your dog healthy and away from litter. Mostly dogs are into fish which the cat’s poop has with the blend of sugar in the litter that is a treat for your pooch. Another reason can be the deficiency of vitamin B-12 and their favorite ingredients that make your pup end up eating cat feces.

The most observed issues that can be seen in dogs are:

Diabetes & Thyroid: Continuous hunger can occur when your pup is suffering from diabetes and thyroid. With the steroids intake the symptoms can be the same.

Parasite Infection: These bacteria can absorb the useful nutrients from dog’s stomach and would leave your pet dehydrated.

Pancreatic Deficient: With the deficiency of digestive enzymes in pancreas can make your pooch suffer food poisoning and diarrhea, but here eating cat poop can be beneficial as it can upgrade the lost nutrients.

Digestion Issues: Consult your vet and keep a proper track to your pet’s digestive system and behavior as it shadows on the behavior that might be annoying and alarming.

Elder dogs require enriched meal with proper source of vitamins and minerals and complete nutrients to help them grow and live. If enrich foods are not provided to the pooches they might end up ailing. Protein cells and other processes can be distorted.

Make sure that you are keeping the kennels clean and take your dog on a daily walk with lengthy leashes so that they know the do’s and don’ts-s.


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