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Best Himalayan Dog Chew

There are multiple benefits that a dog can get by chewing as they love to chew. The question arises if you are supplying the quality chewable snacks or munchies to your puppies. Even mature dogs are also fond of chewing; therefore, it is essential to provide them the best and safe items for chewing. The people of Himalaya chewed on hard cheese which is made up of natural ingredients such as cow milk and other non-artificial flavors that can provide nourishment to the body. The Himalayan dog chew lasts long, and your pooch can enjoy it for a long time. These chews are a premium quality of munchies that can be a treat for pups.

This treat is healthy and is made up of digestible ingredients that are beneficial for the dogs and even helps young puppies to grow strong bones. There are no preservatives blended in the chews and are gluten-free that helps pooches to balance strong teeth and bones. What saddens the owners is that if their pet could choke on these hard bars, however if the chews gets smaller in size then try to put them in a microwave for some seconds and will double the size of the bar with biscuit like texture.

These healthy snacks can replace your pup’s bad habit from a junk hunt to munch on a healthy treat. Besides multiple times of daily food supply include these kinds of munchies so that it boosts the energy level in your pet. There is multiple best Himalayan dog chew that provides original ingredient for your pets.

Why Dogs Eat Himalayan Dog Chew?

There are several advantages that your dog must have Himalayan chews. It helps in natural growth and besides eradicate the negative effect from any medicinal alternatives.

Mental Growth:

A dog’s mental growth is as important as you take interest in their body growth. The exercise that is meant for the improvement of their brains work for active mind. Chewing can improve the focus level and thorough concentration your puppy can increase with brainpower and be able to make decisions. Let him accommodate his own energy in munching on these chewable or playing with a toy can also be beneficial. Let your pet grow freely and happily.

Verbal Exercise:

chewing can also help in increasing and stimulating the saliva. It is helpful in dental health; however, the exercising of jaw muscles can strengthen them and eradicate the bacteria such as tartar, plaque and other mouth infection. While an infant pup can go through the pain of gums and growing teeth can also be painful, however it helps in smoothing the gum area and lessen the pain when chewing.

There are multiple increasing mouth diseases amongst dogs which needs to be controlled by taking care and providing premium quality of food. Some owners use formulated tooth pastes that withdrew the amount of plaque, but it can discolor the teeth. Therefore, make sure that your pet is feeding and chewing on an original source of ingredients and there is a less need of medications.

As an owner, try to apply less chemically created products such as whitening agents, coat cleaners and excessive packed food etc. To feed with natural source of ingredients and hygienic packed foods also holds an importance.  


Are Himalayan Chews Safe Snack?

It is important for owners to supervise their pets when provided with the new snack or any other meal. There are several chewable items that many dogs have choked on. These Himalayan chews are safe as they don’t have sharp edges which can be harmful for dog’s gums. Besides these hard bars are filled with proteins, carbohydrates and negotiable fats, it is made up raw milk that can solve your pet’s digestive problems too.

Try to provide your pooch with these big Himalayan chew able so that these hard bars can act as an agent of a growing and developing the healthy cells within the body. Himalayan chews are made with natural resources and are totally clean from chemically treated ingredients, hormones developing components and other bacterial growth elements that can be an artificial growth for puppies.

8 Best Himalayan Dog Chew :

 1: EcoKind Pet Treats Himalayan Gold Yak Dog Chews:


These Himalayan chew bars will boost energy and focus in your puppy. Made up with the supreme quality of chew sticks and is best to keep your dog busy with these premium quality chew sticks as they are simply the energizer and also digestible.



  • Prepared with natural sources of ingredients i: e: pure yak milk with zero preservatives or artificial flavors. These chew sticks are imported from Nepal as they manufacture in Nepal and is traded around the globe.
  • These sticks are gluten-free and is capable to protect dog’s sensitive stomach, as some puppies may have some serious fact for allergies.
  • These chew sticks are digestible and will soften the mouth of the dog as it contains 10% of moisture.


  • Daily supply of high proteins can be hard on stomach and cause rashes within the stomach.
  • Real Himalayan chews can be costly for everyday munch plan for your friend.
  • Some dogs have tired themselves as these hard bars are long lasting, so chewing on it for hours can make your pet sick and bored.

2: Himalayan Sherpa Yak Dog Chews

For the dogs who chew aggressively on hard bars are on a safe side as these bones are effective for such moods. These Himalayan dog chews are stainless and lasts long and keep your pet engaged for quite some time. It is also challenging for the owner of how to keep their pet busy constructively, however chewing on Himalayan chews can let your dog boost with good energies.



  • It helps the dog to produce with some saliva to cope up with the sharp edges of hard bar so that it is safe to munch on.
  • Gold yak dog chews are made up of pure yak milk and other natural resources straight from Nepal.
  • It is beneficial in dental health of your pet and also makes the teeth and jaw bones stronger.


  • If your pet is a German Shepard then there is a possibility where your pet would finish it up quickly and would ask for more. The excessive intake of these bars can cause diarrhea.
  • Some of the Himalayan chews can be broken into pieces and your pet swallow these pieces in one go. Which can be dangerous as they might get choked.
  • It is also been observed that many dogs with massive body mass chew on small sized chewable(s) which needs to be supervised by the owners for the entire time. Best fit dog chews must not be larger from their mouth but should be perfect sized.


3: Peppy Pooch Himalayan Yak Cheese:  


These snacks are perfect for young pooches as they are grain free manufactured with all natural resources. It is made up with the gluten-free formula which can be soft for sensitive digestive systems. This snack is delicious for the pets as they are not made with any artificial flavor or preservatives to lasts long in the packets.



  • The taste of these cheesy hard bars are yummy for puppies. They are healthy in growing bones for young pups.
  • Yak cheese bars are made with supreme quality which is approved by FDA. This product is reliable and is pet friendly.
  • Peppy pooch basically helps the puppies to eradicate the tartar and other hygiene issues that can cause infections.


  • The whole bar is left with the edgy end which can be edible by your dog, however it is not safe for the pooch to eat the entire bar.
  • If there is a bite size peppy pooch then it can be swallowed by your pet, resultantly it can harm the gastro-intestine.
  • If these peppy pooch given on daily basis can also make these pups lose their appetite for proper meal.

4: Himalayan Dog Chew Happy Teeth

One of the favorite chewable that your pet would want almost everyday is happy teeth. These hard bars have scrub spongy material along with the flavor that your four-legged friend would be more than happy. This type of snack is perfect for boosting up the energy level of your pooch and the great thing about these snacks are that they are not included with any artificial flavors.



  • Cheese is the main ingredient of this product which is healthy for infant pups for bones growth.
  • Happy teeth is the simple and natural method to clean your pet’s teeth. The deeper they chew on these snacks the cleaner teeth will appear.
  • This snack is a gluten-free product which is a healthy option for dogs.


  • Aggressive chewers might finish the bone up in seconds and then the last residue or sharp edged material could make their gums bleed. Therefore it would be wise to microwave it to create for a puffy material.
  • Approximately 11% of the dogs get stool issues. Therefore, a regular checkup from the veteran is required.
  • Some dogs have dug deep in these bones and have broken with a tooth. It happens mostly with the aggressive chewers.

5: Yak Snak Dog Chews

Every owner must know their dog’s requirements and their favorites. Dogs are mostly into gnawing and chewing as their gums urge for chewable, hence it also helps in improving salivary glands which helps them in digestion and eat their meal properly. Yak snak dog chews are made with natural products and lasts long, in this way your pet can have a good time and can be entertained. This time of the day will enhance their focus and confidence throughout.



  • It removes plaque and tartar from the teeth and is comforting for dental hygiene.
  • With natural resources and manufactured in Nepal, these hard bars are included with natural yak milk and cheese. This is satisfying to know that your pet is feeding on original ingredients and can also consume with natural milk through these bars.
  • These bones can also be microwaved and given to your furry friend straight from the microwave, the taste will be sustained and your pet will be chewing the right snack.


  • Try to supply your pet with these bones and hard bars in a bowl rather than throwing them over the grass or floor, in this way your dog will never hunt their food from grass. As many pooches have started to track their food from down that includes trash aswell.
  • It is observed that many dogs are allergic with cheese and other dairy products. So its better to get your puppy checked from the veteran before start feeding them with these hard bars.
  • Yak snaks are little pricy and is not affordable

6: Yak Snack Dog Chews

When the dogs soften the bone with their drool, the cheese starts melting and tastes irresistible for puppies. Chewing is also a therapy for young dogs as it releases stress and anxiety. These Himalayan yak dog chews will assist these dogs in increasing IQ level and enhance concentration.



  • These Himalayan Yak Snack dog chews are available in all sizes and variety that can be perfect for your pet.
  • It is prepared with natural milk along with lime juice that is perfect for the supportive immune system.
  • Best for the dog’s gut as it is added with valuable and authentic ingredients.


  • If you are making order through online then the bones might vary in size.
  • These chews do not last long, therefore the pets urge for more yak chews. Moreover, many pets get distracted quickly due to the less time consumed in chewing these snacks
  • If you are an owner of German Shepard then they find these snacks less attractive and will not eat gladly.

7: Yak Chew Himalayan Dog Chew: (Vet Recommended)

These yak chews are long lasting and helps in dental health. There are many products that are coated with artificial flavors and preservatives. So, instead of supplying your furry friend with immense treated food it would be vital to provide them with natural ingredients. Many advertisements for good food supply can be deceiving and result in gut blocking that may cause death as well.



  • These yak chews are made with cheese. To digest milk is difficult for some dogs, therefore the vets recommend yak chew which is blended with cheese.
  • Yak chews are simply odorless as many pets feel nausea while munching on different hard bars.
  • These bars do not ruin the appetite and is sugar free


  • Bones and hard bars can cause choking and teeth breaking if there is no proper dental care provided.
  • Beware of the compressed fats and treated bars. However, owners must purchase the largest bars for aggressive chewers that is completely made with natural resources.
  • Some of the bars contain with such components that can cause obesity amongst the dogs.

8: ChurpiChews Natural Long Lasting Dog Treat Chew

Most importantly churpichews are made with proteins and minerals that is beneficial for the dog’s diet. It is combined with calcium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids aswell. There are multiple advantages of these hard bars for e:g: dental care, strong gut, and powerful jaw bones. These natural made resources are more unique then supplying your pet with medicines.



  • ChurpiChews are soft and made with low fat ingredient.
  • There is zero allergies driven by these bars and dogs can munch on them without any food allergy fear.
  • It scraps off the tarter and other bacteria from teeth. So, it is a good treat for your pooches to have a dental health.


  • This product comes with multiple copied packaging which may deceive the owners. It is important to know the packaging and real logo so that you may feed your pet on authentic snacks.
  • For aggressive chewers this is not a right product as it melts down quickly and does not last long.
  • The size of the hard bars are not same and may vary from one another, this is why pets get confused and would urge for more if they munched on small bars.

Do Not Trust Every Brand:

When it comes to provide a good food and snacks to maintain a perfect health of your pet then it is important to serve them with right choice in brands. There are multiple companies that can foul you with treated and chemically proven food which is unhealthy for your furry friend. Therefore, it is essential to double check the ingredients on the packaging and supply the right munchies to your dog.

There are several products that seems very convincing but when you observe the health issues of your pet that can be alarming. Moreover, the shipped items are also supplying with not accurate item that you see online. Refrain from providing chemically treated chews and proper meals to your pets as the processed foods can trouble their intestine and may cause gut blockage. These Himalayan chews are the best treats for your pet because they are responsible for a supportive immune and healthy digestion.  

These aforementioned products are healthy in every way. Your dog can get a balanced and proper snack diet that is included with lime juice, rice powder, raw milk and cheese. These snacks are way out of the question to blend with fillers and other additives. Most of the products are good for eradicating the tartar and plaque and dog’s breath that may trouble the environment and make your pet sick. If a proper hygiene is not provided to your pet then they can suffer with infection development even in their coat.



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